NEW!! HP COMPAQ Presario V6000 V6100 V6106AU Inter Fan


Part Number: GC055515VH-A B2719.13.V1.F.GN


HP/COMPAQ Presario F500 Series

HP/COMPAQ Presario F700 Series : Presario F760EM, Presario F765EA, Presario F765EM

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6000 Series : Presario V6000 CTO Presario V6000AU Presario V6000T CTO Presario V6000TX CTO Presario V6000Z CTO Presario V6001AU Presario V6001XX Presario V6002AU Presario V6002XX Presario V6003AU Presario V6004AU Presario V6012EA Presario V6014EA Presario V6016EA Presario V6024EA Presario V6025EA Presario V6030US Presario V6048CL Presario V6057EA Presario V6065EA Presario V6066EA

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6100 Series : Presario V6100 CTO Presario V6101AU Presario V6101EU Presario V6101TU Presario V6101US Presario V6101XX Presario V6102AU Presario V6102EA Presario V6102TU Presario V6102XX Presario V6103AU Presario V6103EA Presario V6103NR Presario V6103TU Presario V6104AU Presario V6104NR Presario V6104TU Presario V6104US Presario V6105AU Presario V6105EA Presario V6105NR Presario V6105TU Presario Presario V6107TU Presario V6107US Presario V6108AU Presario V6108EA Presario V6108TU Presario V6109AU Presario V6109EA Presario V6109EU Presario V6109OM Presario V6109TU Presario V6110AU Presario V6110CA Presario V6110EA Presario V6110TU Presario V6110US Presario V6111AU Presario V6111EA Presario V6111TU Presario V6112AU Presario V6112EU Presario V6112TU Presario V6113EA Presario V6113TU Presario V6114TU Presario V6115EA Presario V6115EU Presario V6115OM Presario V6115TU Presario V6116TU Presario V6117EU Presario V6117TU Presario V6118TU Presario V6119TU Presario V6120CA Presario V6120TU Presario V6120US Presario V6121TU Presario V6122TU Presario V6123TU Presario V6124TU Presario V6125TU Presario V6126EU Presario V6126TU Presario V6127EA Presario V6127TU Presario V6128EA Presario V6128EU Presario V6128TU Presario V6129EA Presario V6129TU Presario V6130TU Presario V6130US Presario V6131EU Presario V6131TU Presario V6132TU Presario V6133CA Presario V6133CL Presario V6133EU Presario V6133TU Presario V6134TU Presario V6135TU Presario V6136TU Presario V6137EU Presario V6137TU Presario V6137US Presario V6138EU Presario V6138TU Presario V6139EU Presario V6139TU Presario V6140TU Presario V6141TU Presario V6142TU Presario V6143CL Presario V6143TU Presario V6144EA Presario V6144TU Presario V6145EA Presario V6145TU Presario V6146TU Presario V6147EA Presario V6147TU Presario V6148EA Presario V6148TU Presario V6149EA Presario V6149TU Presario V6150EA Presario V6150TU Presario V6151EA Presario V6151TU Presario V6152EA Presario V6152TU Presario V6153TU Presario V6154TU Presario V6155EA Presario V6155TU Presario V6156TU Presario V6157TU Presario V6171CL Presario V6180EA Presario V6181EA Presario V6182EA Presario V6198XX Presario V6199XX

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6106AU Series : V6106AU Presario V6106TU Presario V6107AU

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6200 Series : Presario V6200 CTO Presario V6200XX Presario V6201AU Presario V6201TU Presario V6202AU Presario V6202EA Presario V6202TU Presario V6203AU Presario V6203TU Presario V6204AU Presario V6204EA Presario V6204TU Presario V6205AU Presario V6205NR Presario V6205TU Presario V6206AU Presario V6206TU Presario V6207AU Presario V6207TU Presario V6208AU Presario V6208TU Presario V6209AU Presario V6209TU Presario V6210AU Presario V6210BR Presario V6210CA Presario V6210TU Presario V6210US Presario V6211AU Presario V6211TU Presario V6212AU Presario V6212EA Presario V6212TU Presario V6213AU Presario V6213EA Presario V6213TU Presario V6214AU Presario V6214TU Presario V6215AU Presario V6215BR Presario V6215CA Presario V6215TU Presario V6216CA Presario V6216EA Presario V6216TU Presario V6217EA Presario V6217TU Presario V6218EA Presario V6218TU Presario V6219TU Presario V6220BR Presario V6220TU Presario V6221EU Presario V6221TU Presario V6222EA Presario V6223EA Presario V6223EU Presario V6223TU Presario V6224EA Presario V6225BR Presario V6230BR Presario V6230CA Presario V6233EU Presario V6239EU Presario V6241EA Presario V6254EA Presario V6261EU Presario V6263EA Presario V6264EA Presario V6268EA Presario V6272EU Presario V6299XX

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6300 Series : Presario V6300 CTO Presario V6301AU Presario V6301TU Presario V6302AU Presario V6302EU Presario V6302TU Presario V6303AU Presario V6303TU Presario V6304AU Presario V6304TU Presario V6305AU Presario V6305CA Presario V6305NR Presario V6305TU Presario V6306TU Presario V6307TU Presario V6308TU Presario V6309TU Presario V6310CA Presario V6310TU Presario V6310US Presario V6311TU Presario V6312TU Presario V6313TU Presario V6314EA Presario V6314EM Presario V6314TU Presario V6315EA Presario V6315TU Presario V6316CA Presario V6316EA Presario V6316TU Presario V6317CA Presario V6317TU Presario V6318CA Presario V6318TU Presario V6319TU Presario V6320CA Presario V6320EA Presario V6320TU Presario V6321TU Presario V6322TU Presario V6325EA Presario V6325EM Presario V6328EA Presario V6329EA Presario V6330EA Presario V6332EA Presario V6335EA Presario V6336EA Presario V6337EA Presario V6337EU Presario V6338EU Presario V6339EU Presario V6340EU Presario V6341EA Presario V6341EU Presario V6342EA Presario V6343EA Presario V6345EA Presario V6346EA Presario V6355EU Presario V6399XX

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6400 Series : Presario V6400 CTO Presario V6401AU Presario V6401TU Presario V6401XX Presario V6402AU Presario V6402CA Presario V6402TU Presario V6403AU Presario V6403TU Presario V6404AU Presario V6404TU Presario V6405AU Presario V6405CA Presario V6405TU Presario V6406AU Presario V6406TU Presario V6407TU Presario V6408TU Presario V6409TU Presario V6410CA Presario V6410ET Presario V6410TU Presario V6411TU Presario V6412TU Presario V6415CA Presario V6415ES Presario V6415TU Presario V6416TU Presario V6417TU Presario V6418TU Presario V6419TU Presario V6420ET Presario V6420TU Presario V6420US Presario V6421TU Presario V6422TU Presario V6423TU Presario V6424TU Presario V6425TU Presario V6426TU Presario V6427TU Presario V6428TU Presario V6429ES Presario V6430EE Presario V6430EF Presario V6430EN Presario V6430ES Presario V6435ES Presario V6444US Presario V6450EE Presario V6450EN Presario V6498XX Presario V6499XX

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6500 Series : Presario V6500T CTO Presario V6500Z CTO Presario V6501AU Presario V6501TU Presario V6501XX Presario V6502AU Presario V6502EO Presario V6502TU Presario V6503AU Presario V6503TU Presario V6504AU Presario V6504TU Presario V6505AU Presario V6505TU Presario V6506AU Presario V6506TU Presario V6507AU Presario V6507TU Presario V6508AU Presario V6508EO Presario V6508TU Presario V6509TU Presario V6510ET Presario V6510TU Presario V6511TU Presario V6512TU Presario V6513TU Presario V6514TU Presario V6515ES Presario V6515TU Presario V6516TU Presario V6517TU Presario V6518ES Presario V6518TU Presario V6519TU Presario V6520ED Presario V6520TU Presario V6521TU Presario V6522TU Presario V6523TU Presario V6524TU Presario V6530ED Presario V6533EF Presario V6554ES Presario V6560EA Presario V6570ES Presario V6572ES Presario V6580ED Presario V6590ES Presario V6592ES Presario V6594ES Presario V6595ES Presario V6599XX

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6600 Series : Presario V6600 CTO Presario V6601AU Presario V6601TU Presario V6602AU Presario V6602TU Presario V6603AU Presario V6603TU Presario V6604TU Presario V6605AU Presario V6605TU Presario V6606AU Presario V6606TU Presario V6607ES Presario V6607TU Presario V6608TU Presario V6609AU Presario V6609TU Presario V6610AU Presario V6610EO Presario V6610ES Presario V6610TU Presario V6611AU Presario V6611TU Presario V6612AU Presario V6612TU Presario V6613AU Presario V6613TU Presario V6614AU Presario V6614TU Presario V6615AU Presario V6615EE Presario V6615EN Presario V6615ES Presario V6615TU Presario V6616AU Presario V6616TU Presario V6617AU Presario V6618AU Presario V6620ET Presario V6620US Presario V6630EA Presario V6630EM Presario V6630ET Presario V6640ED Presario V6640ES Presario V6642EA Presario V6642EM Presario V6650ED Presario V6650ES

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6700 Series : Presario V6701AU Presario V6701TU Presario V6701XX Presario V6702AU Presario V6702TU Presario V6703TU Presario V6703XX Presario V6704TU Presario V6705TU Presario V6706TU Presario V6707TU Presario V6708TU Presario V6710XX Presario V6751XX

HP/COMPAQ Presario V6800 Series : Presario V6850ED

Specializes in all kinds of brand laptop model specifications cooling fans, welcome to buy wholesale.
Brand: APPLE, IBM, HP, Compaq, DELL, TOSHIBA, ACER, SONY, Fujitsu, Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo, NEC, geteway


1. Please pay it within 5 days after auction.

2. We only accept PAYPAL as payment.

3. The price can be negotiable depending on the purchase quantities. We will carry out as your requirement. If your buying items are not listed in my ebay , please contact me. We specialize in supplying laptop fans to the world.


1. Items are generally shipped to the Paypal shipping address within 24 hours after payment has been verified.
2. Please provide your correct and detailed address and your phone number to ensure the delivery on time. We are not responsible for wrong or undeliverable address. If you need to change your address, please change in paypal before you pay.

3. We ship mainly through Hong Kong Post transport to the United States , goods will reach in 12-25 days. The transport to other countries may need more time .

4. Our price (freight) do not include any tariffs or other taxes; if you have any questions please contact local Customs before you buy the goods.

5. Please pay attention to: The above-mentioned are physical maps , please check the pictures of goods before buying.

Warranty and Return Policy

1. All our products have 90 Days warranty. Defective products can be changed during the warranty.(Buyer to assume round-trip transportation costs)

2. Defective products must be returned within 7 days from the RMA issuing date we will change another one for you or refund your money back.

3. If you buy the wrong products, please inform us as soon as possible. But if you order has been sent, then all the costs (including original freight, handling charges and the return freight, etc.) are for your account.

Contact Us

1. Please contact us by ebay feedback
2. Contact us if you have a complaint, or plan to leave us a negative or neutral feedback. Please contact us and we will be glad to help solve the problem.

3. We will reply you within 24 hours in feedback.

4. Any negative or neutral feedback will not be appreciated. Please contact us to solve any problem.

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